Terms and Conditions

By completing the registration in the QR-4us.com system, you agree to these terms - please read them carefully!

1. Registration and Profile Creation

1.1. Registration Process: Upon registration, users are automatically provided with one private user profile. Additional profiles can be created for different activities, for example, for restaurants, bars, or other commercial needs.
1.2. Profile Removal: Removal of non-private profile is allowed only if there are no outstanding debts on that profile.

2. File Upload and QR Codes

2.1. File Upload: Users can upload files to any of their profiles.
2.2. Generating a QR Code: A QR code is automatically generated for each uploaded file, allowing access to the linked file online.
2.3. Using QR Codes: The generated QR code can be printed, engraved, or burned in various places, etc., to make it visible to customers. Customers scanning the QR code will access the linked file, for example, a menu.

3. Fees and Payments

3.1. File Storage Fee: €5 per month for each file, calculated from the moment of upload.
3.2. QR Code Access Fee: €0.001 for each access to the linked file using the QR code.
3.3. Free User Access: Users can download their files and generated QR codes for free at any time.
3.4. Donations: Users wishing to support the Service can do so through the donation function. Donations are voluntary and do not grant users any additional rights or services.

4. Data Tracking and Management

4.1. Information about Files and QR Codes: Information about the file upload date and external usage of the QR code with calculated expenses is provided.
4.2. File Changes: There is an option to change the file linked by the QR code at any time without altering the code itself - convenient as there's no need to change the QR code.
4.3. File Names: Users can assign names to files within the system, but these names in QR codes and on the server do not match the user-defined names.

5. Counter Usage

5.1. Tracking External Visits via QR Code: Visitors are first redirected to a counter via the QR code, and then to the linked file itself. If the internet connection is sufficient, visitors will not notice this redirection.

6. File Types and Size

6.1. Allowed File Types: Only images (JPEG, JPG, PNG, GIF) and PDF documents are allowed.
6.2. Maximum File Size: 20MB.
6.3. Other File Formats/Sizes: If you need to link a QR code with a different file format not automatically supported by the system, or if the file size exceeds the allowed limit - contact us.
6.4. File Usage Recommendations: Images open immediately across the entire screen of the device. PDF files may require additional steps to open.

7. Additional Services

7.1. Help with File Formatting: Assistance is offered in creating files in the proper format. For example, if you have a handwritten menu and want it to be nicely formatted in a file - contact us!

8. Payment Procedure

8.1. Payment Methods: Payments can be made via PayPal (paypal.me/world4us) or bank transfer (Bank: Volksbank Darmstadt Mainz; Name: world-4us.com; BIC: MVBMDE55XXX; IBAN: DE93551900000094807013).
8.2. Payment Allocation: Payments are applied to balance out the account, starting with the oldest file.
8.3. Advance Payments: The option to make advance payments is available.
8.4. Payments for a Specific Profile/File: Specify in the payment purpose if you are paying for a specific profile or file. Otherwise, payments will be applied starting from the personal profile and then to other profiles in alphabetical order and by the date of the oldest file.

9. Invoice Issuance and Submission

9.1. Electronic Invoices: Invoices are provided electronically.
9.2. Generating Invoice: Invoices are automatically generated on the 15th of each month. If the balance is negative, you will receive an invoice via email with a request for payment. If the balance is positive - invoices will be available in your account.
9.3. Paper Invoices: Paper invoices can be ordered.

10. Obligations and Liability of the Parties

10.1. Obligations of the Service Provider: The service provider (qr-4us.com) commits to ensure that:
10.1.1. the service will be provided to its recipient (You) continuously, and in the event of any technical difficulties, to immediately contact the affected service recipient;
10.1.2. the service recipient's file(s) can be updated at any time independently without losing the existing QR code;
10.1.3. on the service recipient's request, to delete the account if there is a zero or positive balance (with no unpaid services), your data and account will be irrevocably removed;
10.1.4. will take care of data protection and your data will not reach third parties from the service provider's side;
10.1.5. will provide detailed system usage reports and calculations in a timely manner.
10.2. Liability of the Service Provider: The service provider is liable for the uninterrupted provision of the service. If the provision of the service was interrupted or otherwise disrupted, the provider must immediately remove the disturbances and compensate the service recipient for losses considering the damage incurred.
10.3. Obligations of the Service Recipient: As the service recipient (You), you commit to:
10.3.1. use the service without violating the laws of your country, i.e., not engage in criminal activity, not distribute prohibited information, adhere to moral and legal ethics rules;
10.3.2. settle payments on time, i.e., maintain a balance close to zero or positive.
10.4. Suspension/Cancellation of Service Provision due to Non-Compliance with Rules and Conditions: The service provider reserves the right to suspend or otherwise limit the display of file(s) using the QR code, if:
10.4.1. the service recipient, if a larger payable amount for the services (negative balance) has accumulated than was paid in the last 6 months (total paid for services over a 6-month period), ignores requests to settle the balance for 2 consecutive calendar months;
10.4.2. the service provider determined that unlawful activity was being conducted in accordance with the laws and/or other legal acts of the country where the service recipient operates;
10.4.3. upon receiving a requirement from any country's law enforcement institutions.

11. Changes to Terms and Conditions

11.1. Notification of Changes: Users will be informed about any changes via email.

Last supervision of Terms and Conditions: 2024 01 22